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Daily Affirmations For Balance and Positivity

Affirmation means to confirm or to be confirmed. It also means emotional support or encouragement. So, to say affirmations to yourself, you’re providing yourself with support and encouragement.

Positive affirmations are short (usually) statements that can be used to positively change your beliefs about yourself or a situation that you find yourself in.

  1. I am enough.

  2. I am thankful for the positive things in my life.

  3. I treat myself with love and kindness.

  4. I am worthy of love and happiness.

  5. I believe that I deserve happiness every day of my life.

  6. I am grateful for all that I have in my life.

  7. I accept myself for who I am.

  8. My feelings are valid.

  9. My anxious thoughts do not define me.

  10. I feel calm and capable of handling anything that comes my way.

  11. I am strong, confident, and courageous.

  12. I am in control of my emotions.

  13. There are people who love and support me.

  14. It is okay for me to not feel okay.

  15. Every day is a new day.

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