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    A few notes before our coaching sessions

    Your answers

    I don't have ready-made answers for you, and my primary goal is to ask the challenging questions that you must answer to be successful. That said, I won't withhold information that I believe could be useful, and I will occasionally offer direct suggestions and feedback.

    Your agenda

    You’ll decide what issues we address, both during the course of our work together and in each individual coaching session. I’ll help you track and prioritize issues over time. I may proactively raise an issue at times, but the agenda is ultimately your responsibility.

    Our partnership

    I'm not an authority figure, nor am I a subordinate. We’ll work together as equal partners in the coaching process and share responsibility for its success. 


    I will not disclose your identity as a coaching client, any information that would identify you as a client or any details of our work together. 


    You’re ultimately accountable to yourself, not to me, and my role is to help you fulfill any commitments you make to yourself. 


    While we need to feel a sense of caring and appreciation in our coaching relationship we also need to be honest with each other. I’ll always speak professionally and with respect, but I’ll also strive to be as candid and direct as possible in order to be as helpful as possible.

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